Tea time,let's share...;
Shirley here! born in 1993 from Indonesia :) Things i'd like to share: 85% Kpop (Mostyly SM Town especially SNSD, F(X) and EXO) 13% Photos, Books, Quote, inspiring things, etc and 2% about my personal life. Sometimes there's sudden flood of things i spazz at the moment :)

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have a gif of Simon doing the death wiggle <3


have a gif of Simon doing the death wiggle <3

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gentlemen, let me introduce you the ladies of..
vampire academy/bloodlines 

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IM YOONA ~album through the years  *requested by anon

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EXO - “Hello!” Greeting Party in Japan

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happy birthday to jessica-yeoshin, who always surprises me with her athleticism.

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Kris - The Celebrity Magazine

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function queens.

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"My specialty is spacing out. 멍~"

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Divergent Series → Last Lines

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