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No reason to explain this.. You should know what it means.. If you don’t just pray πŸ™


Kai - 141019 K-pop World Festival 2014 in Changwon
Credit: J.Recording. (2014 창원 μΌ€μ΄νŒ μ›”λ“œνŽ˜μŠ€ν‹°λ²Œ)





*standing ovation*


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"In Osaka, Kai had kissed her for the first time. Krystal was stuffing herself with ramen, her glasses misted up from the warmth of the broth, and he had leaned forward and pressed his lips into hers. Wet and heated. When her glasses cleared, he was resting his head on his hand and watching her, biting down on his lower lip like he’d just told her a naughty secret.Krystal kept it for him, and he hadn’t touched her ever since.”
moonlighting by quirke

Hundreds of moon jellyfish babies have been born at the Weymouth Sealife centre in Dorset. Aquarists say they have never seen so many jelly babies of all shapes, sizes and colours from many different species at one time - but even though they may look cute many of them are highly poisonous as well.
Anonymous asked: whats your favourite piece of classical music?

this is perfect


liking someone and pretending you don’t is a lot of hard work